For many years, experts have suggested for us to be prepared. For What?

What do we need to be prepared for if we have come so far in safety and security?

In the 50s we were told to prepare for a potential nuclear attack here at home. In the 60s were told to be prepared for the spread of worldwide communism. In the 70s we were prompted to be prepared to face the internal meltdown of a country after a very unpopular Vietnam War, and the continued introduction of worldwide communism led by the Soviet Union as well as an emerging radical middle east. The threat and realism of communism and dangerous political ideologies was at a possible breaking point. In the 80s we were warned to prepare for the possible spread of communism until the collapse of the Soviet Union, with an increasing problem of radical Islamic Iran. In the 90s we were prepared for new US governmental intrusions and an introduction of a new level of domestic terrorism. Now, this is where from 2000 on gets complicated and the direction and degree of preparation that we faced was more like taking reactive sucker punches instead of preparation. In 2001 we faced a severe terrorist attack on 911, and later the meltdown of the banks triggered by the real estate balloon that brought multiple local and global catastrophic problems. Several warned us to prepare, but not many listened in time.

The US has become a spinning top that has been moving very fast and is dangerously wobbling. It would take probably only one major incident to start a chain reaction of issues and spin things out of control. The problem is that more than any time in the last 60 years, we as a country are so close to many potential catastrophic consequences, not only because of our actions, but consequentially world government disintegration issues. This is all hard to digest, and I would have you refer to the experts in each area of expertise here. We have been told by many different experts to be prepared for potentially one or more dangerous near future volatile incidents.

The US as a country is one economic incident away from a monetary meltdown the majority of experts tell us to Be Prepared for a life altering financial crisis. With an ever growing potential for more intrusive terrorism attack(s), we are told to Be Prepared. World instability in the Middle East, Crushing Financial Banks Worldwide, an overbearing dysfunctional US administration, and the issues go on and on.

It is regularly and highly recommended to Be Prepared and vigilant in your awareness and security.

What most experts did not say in words of wisdom was to be prepared for psychopathic hateful people right here in the USA. In a place where life was always valued, we see yet another example of horrific hatred and decreasing moral integrity for life. My heart and prayers go out for the victims and their families that were senselessly mowed down by a single crazed man at a movie theater in Aurora CO. Unless you were stuck in a hole recently, the premeditated and planned shooting and killing of so many people in a movie theater is reprehensible. Now we face these new and sporadic maniacs that troll our society as freely as scorpions in the dark.  Immediately this has been turned into a political circus aimed on more gun control instead of what it is; the actions of a tragic hate filled soul of a deranged gunman. With details still in process we can only pray for the victims, the families, and all of those touched by the lives of the people injured or killed.

Now we add another perplexing problem to our personal security, and another layer of disturbing consequences for our enjoyment and comforts with all that Freedom brings. What has happened to us that we have become so numb and vulnerable to the new generation of hateful predators that are among us?

People used to think I was nuts because I carried a loaded gun to the market, the movies, restaurants and the bank. Yes even the banks, because most of them here have little to no restrictions in AZ.  It is a wise idea if you know your gun laws, are concealed and hopefully trained and permitted by professionals. It is wise to explore all of the personal protection options including movement, escape, cover, concealment, other weapons lethal and non-lethal, physical defensive moves and tactics. So due to these random and murderous rampages, you must ask yourself a question, do you want to at least have the ability to protect yourself, family and others if you are caught in the middle of one of these attacks? These criminals are mere opportunists preying on people that are in a low defensive mode.

For the time being let’s forget about all the thoughts about banning everything and focus on the human issues that you can control. You need to look at the value of your life, and the level of protection you are willing to deal with on any given day. Preparation is not full proof, but helpful on many levels if you are faced with a horrific attack. Take the time to explore your specific Awareness levels, as well as what defense tools and options that you maintain. Personal protection training can help get you in the right mindset for many life altering situations.

Here are a couple more things to think about. The first is a couple of visual awareness thoughts. When you enter a facility, restaurant etc. check where the Emergency Exits are in relation to where you are located. Check the location of bathrooms and if in a restaurant setting, where the access is for the kitchen staff enters and exits. Where is the register and door entrance is in alignment to you. Do the tables or chairs move appear to be secured or movable, and what does it look like they are made of a solid material or basically hollow. Also are their windows or doors, you could break in an emergency escape. The use of a handgun in defense is always demonized by anti-gun trolls. OK what if someone shoots back at the madman, takes their attention away from a bloody murder rampage and there is a potential gunfight instead of a massacre. If someone innocent gets caught in the middle of something like this can be devastating. However the ability to save people’s lives is worth the risks involved.

There are many considerations to take into account under the Be Prepared tag line. So my advice is to stay safe and always be aware of your surroundings, and do your best to Be Prepared for multiple types of situations.

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