The psychological, physical and situational aspects of pulling the trigger when it counts in personal protection situations.

Shooting for sport is an exciting and heart pumping activity. It crosses the threshold of a light and easy activity up to the point of an unprecedented attack against you.

A wise man told me early on in my professional training career that any anticipation of surviving a violent attack in a split second requires you to instantly evaluate, decide and fulfill protecting yourself in an unprecedented horrific manner. This could be a short lived victory if you are not mentally prepared to lose everything.

If you are not prepared to lose everything in the face of your greatest fears even with consistent preparation, then the ability to fulfill and protect your life when it counts may be squandered. Life is a battle for civility and justice in a cynical and judgmental society. We all have our own ideologies, bias behaviors, and are inherently skeptical. Most people are in good conscience however typically predisposed with self gratification, and demand instantaneous results. This is what you potentially face afterwards by your peers if you are ever confronted and survive a lethal Shoot or Don’t Shoot situation! In respect for words that you write and have recorded, and with all of the comments to others regarding protection issues, will all be held for scrutiny under the microscope of public flogging.

Many professional Instructors have been trained to bring a higher level of techniques and positive motivation towards students self protection and preservation. But what is sometimes overlooked and missing is a major societal component. One of the misguided aspects of fairness and justice is for the most complicated of situations, Personal Protection. It is more than teaching how to use protection techniques to clarify your performance in a controlled or even advanced training format, with or without the use of deadly force. There are many great instructors and practitioners dedicated to exceptional training for mans ability to do the right thing in a life and death situation at the worst possible time. It is naive to think that if you only focus on the basic structuring of important facts relating to front sight, grip, stance, tactical movement and other issues that you will be alright. In real time training we can simulate a variety of ways to inspire thought and clarity in Shoot/Don’t Shoot situations. From simple static drills to mechanical target movers, realistic paper targets and video based scenarios are by far many of the tools we hold for our students in presentation and form.

As difficult as it is to create different kinds of training situations that may occur in an attack, makes the realistic training aspects more appealing to students. If you asked professionals in the psychology world how to interpret different people’s reaction to pain, fear and potential death would be an overwhelming task to say the least. We want to do the right things in an explosive situation, but we truly don’t know if the time and situation will be generous for us to comply. When people make exterior arm chair assumptions without all of the facts in, then are they not just exposing what a modern lynch mob really is? Shooting a human for even the very best trained physically, mentally and emotionally stable person is by far a dicey malaise at best.

To shoot or not is generally assisted with our technical shooting abilities, warrior spirit, confidence and sometimes unorthodox bravado. However it is impossible to test a person’s soul until the unfortunate measure of life and death brush against or hit you directly. Either way the aspects of personal protection are realized subconsciously in the blink of an eye. Can you strengthen your technical personal protection skills? Yes with serious and well thought out training, practice and a realistic primary and backup plan. You can work on mental preparation skills, with visualization and awareness training, avoidance of obvious entanglements and learning what and how to deal with the options and issues that you can control. That is right; you can control most of the aspects of your personal protection with preparation. However no one can inexplicitly manifest the exact reaction it will take to trigger a constant adaptable reaction for every situation necessary in modern day survival. The closest ones to that in society are our brave and highly trained Special Forces.

Unfortunately you cannot walk around with the switch in the ON defense position for planned and specific periods of time. You then risk the potential of a slight or greater future mental malfunction that looms in the space you create internally. Be cautious of the finger you point over others life and death struggles, until you have the fulfillment of facts to generate a reasonable and rational conclusion. Shooting real people and the training it takes to be resolute in your decision under threat, fear or potential death is usually more than any calm and comfortable bystander can comprehend.

Shoot Straight or Don’t Shoot at All in defense is far more then training alone, it is a life result.

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