Consulting Criminal Lawyer Toronto For Weapon Offenses

A weapon can be defined as an instrument which can be used to harm or control others. A weapon is mostly used to for defense or attack. The weapon offense laws of Canada are strict and if you have been convicted of weapon offenses then you should contact criminal lawyer Toronto.

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Weapon-related Offenses

The weapon-related offenses include the use of a firearm in commission. If an individual is storing a firearm in an unsafe way or possessing a firearm for a  dangerous purpose, he can be convicted of weapon offense.  If an individual happens to possess unauthorized firearm or points a firearm, he can be accused of committing weapon offense. The other weapon offenses are causing danger with a firearm or spear gun.

If you open fire at dwelling houses or buildings and possess dangerous articles you can be accused of weapon offense. Possessing or making explosives, trespassing with firearms is also illegal. If you are engaged in the illegal buying and selling of firearms, you can be accused of committing weapon offense. Civilians are not supposed to possess air rifle as possessing an air rifle is illegal. A criminal lawyer Toronto can help you get rid of the weapon offense charges.


Penalty : Most weapon offense punishments are harsh and the laws are extremely strict. An accused can be put behind bars, asked to pay high fines, probation, community service and an indelible mark on your criminal record. Since many people lose  their lives because of weapon offenses, the police and prosecution lawyers are extremely harsh with the accused.

Knowledge: A lawyer has acquired sound knowledge in the field of law because of years of schooling. He has also spent considerable time in the legal sector and has accumulated a lot of experience because of handling numerous cases.Weapons charges

Paperwork: Handling elaborate paperwork can be very difficult for many individuals. For them availing the services of a criminal lawyer Toronto is the best option. A minor mistake in the paperwork can lead to major problems and so if you are not accustomed to it, it is better to hire a lawyer.

Laws: A criminal lawyer is aware of the various laws and court proceedings. He is also well accustomed to the legal proceedings and can efficiently fight the case on your behalf.

Skills: A criminal lawyer can carefully examine the case and figure out the loopholes. He can also help you by suggesting various options.

Reduce the Punishment: A criminal lawyer Toronto will be able to figure out ways in which the charges can be reduced. He will also be aware of the manner in which the case has to be approached.

Explaining Legal Statements: It is not easy to interpret legal documents and man individuals fail to comprehend the legal statements. A lawyer can explain the charges to you and can also suggest remedies.


A criminal lawyer Toronto is the best person you should hire if you have been accused of weapon offenses. He will not only provide you emotional support but also help you to resolve the case quickly.