How Can Employment Law Toronto Help Protect Foreign Nationals’ Rights?

Nowadays, connectivity has improved all over the world. We no longer live in closed cultures and economies where interaction with foreigners is limited to none. In fact, the number of people working in foreign locations has steadily increased over the last few years. Immigration laws have changed drastically in the recent past and it has become much easier to find professional opportunities in foreign countries.

However, although attempts are constantly being made to smoothen the hiring of foreigners in all countries, there are some important things that have to be known about employment law Toronto. A lot of foreigners working in Canada are not aware of their employee rights and the laws that exist to protect them. Discussed below are some basic laws that cover employment of foreigners and rights that are secured for them in Canada:

employment law Toronto

Some Basic Employment Rights

There are some minimum standards of employment that have been specified in the law. These cover hours of work, sick days, vacations, minimum wage as well as severance provisions. Almost all workers in Canada are protected by these laws. The Canada Labor Code applied to all places of work that are regulated federally. These basic employment rights are secured by employment law Toronto for both residents and foreign nations alike. There can be no discrimination when it comes to the basic provisions, which brings us to the next protection law.

Protection against Discrimination and Employment Equity

In Canada, discrimination on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, age and several other grounds is prohibited by employment law Toronto. These laws are updated regularly in keeping with the recent developments in social and work cultures. The Employment Protection for Foreign National Act, 2009 covers most of the laws under which foreigners are protected.

If you feel that your rights are being encroached upon, you are encouraged to file a complaint about your employer. You might need legal backing from an experienced employment lawyer.

Why Do You Need Legal Experts

As you can see there is a vast body of laws existing specially to protect the rights of foreign employees. However, there are several undesirable situations that can arise in a workspace. This might be the result of negligence on the part of the employer or the employee or something done intentionally. Whatever the reason, if the issue is related to a legal provision, you might need to hire a lawyer.

There are many reasons how hiring a lawyer will be beneficial to your cause. Firstly, since the lawyer is a working professional in the legal field, he or she will have a good handle of the employment law Toronto. They will be aware of all the provisions for foreigners and their legal implications. Thus, they will help you understand what your rights as an employee are and if you are eligible to file certain claims, if any. Additionally, the lawyer will help you navigate through the intricacies of the legal system and get a good handle over the situation you are facing.