Firearm training styles change, specific techniques for their use vary, as well as the style and advancement in guns and gear change; but Freedom never waivers.  Freedom is always under attack from the ideologues of fear, control and envy. With our current political rhetoric towards guns in America and a few vocal groups as well as the sickening reality of homegrown psychopaths, makes the ownership and use of guns for protection a more important, yet toxic subject in various social and political circles.

With gun sales at an all time high and the shadows of pending legislation looming closer, you need to be more diligent towards Freedom and Protection, second only to air, food and water. Your family is another important factor that can be infringed upon severely if freedom is damaged, manipulated, or pushed aside without the ability to protect yourself and those around you.

I believe this to be a fundamental right of our founding constitution, and our right to bear arms for legally owned firearms and citizens. This is extremely important to be accepting more responsibility of yourself,  family and the general community at large. We are criticized and chastised at times for our beliefs, however the cause and effect of Freedom and Protection is to be ever mindful of its power and potential misuses.  Staying aware and keeping a silent guard on Freedom is the mindful power of being an American. For without the level of protection we are responsible to guard, leaves the door open to Freedoms enemies.

Protect your rights and use firearms in a positive and safe manner always.

Freedoms hold is something to behold!

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