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Welcome to Maricopa Tactical and The Urban Jungle, Personal Protection Guns and Training. Our training courses are a variety of comprehensive personal security, home defense and women’s protection. These programs have been developed over the last 20 years with hands on research and professional development.

A rather large percentage of concealed carry courses in the US are structured mainly towards a state administrative process, instead of a personal security experience.  A top grade quality firearms and personal  protection training course, will  require an individual to be disciplined and responsible to their inner beliefs and decisions towards personal safety.

We believe that specific quality training empowers the student not only in mind , but in spirit and soul.  The student must want to learn, to grow and to succeed in personal protection and sensitive security matters.  We have developed our new series of training programs that specifically and conveniently provide training and products to busy individuals, couples, and business owners in the privacy of your home or office. All of this specifics instruction does not require a  dedicated facility or special equipment, only the best world class instructors and valid methods and measures of instruction.

Most of our training programs are firearms developement based in concept and standards.  In reality firearms  are the single most effective option in self defense for the threat of deterrence and equalization.  In this type of situation the safe and legal use of a firearm regardless of the persons size, gender or age can become equal to or superior than the violent criminals that attempt to do them bodily harm or death.

Since firearms in most circles of society are touted as a measure of last resort and deadly force, than we should consider the use of this option as “The Final Option”. 

Our Mission is clear:
We strive to assist our students in achieving their peak combined physical health and personal protection goals. The better your physical health is, the less strained your mind is when facing overwhelming obstacles that are in your way.

Consider whether you have the commitment to yourself in discipline and desire to become healthier and stronger in life. If you are ever faced with a violent confrontation, you will be better prepared! This is more than a personal homeland security buzz, but an actual disciplined plan for what ever you find important in your health and protective well-being. Rather than shotgun blast your fitness and personal protection training for whatever purpose you have, consider a focused rifle type plan of attack that you and our training team will assist you with in staying on track until you meet or exceed your desired training and health goals.

The final word, is that training with Maricopa Tactical will leave you more prepared on how and why to protect yourself, and utilize your brain as well as your gun more effectively and safely.
Even more important than that is, how to learn to identify, react and  AVOID most problem situations and what other options you may have for survival. 
Maricopa Tactical fills the gap in training courses designed to normally assist law enforcement and military personnel.  This training process will help security minded law abiding citizens, learn to solve lethal and non lethal problems with more confidence and skills.

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