Today I will discuss the basics when it comes to one type of typical Street Predator.

When it is said that it is a jungle out there, they are correct. That is why through Maricopa Tactical we created The Urban Jungle, to prepare legal citizens, law enforcement and military for an ever changing dangerous society.  Avoiding dangerous and potentially criminal types of people may seem obvious and a no brainer, however to maximize your safety you will have to interpret people with a much broader outlook.  This identification process is many times more difficult and aggravating than it was in previous generations. The stereotypical “gang banger or street hood is not as prevalent unless you live in an area that is saturated with them.  They tend to stick out like a sore thumb in sub-urban or family type of neighborhoods.

Don’t assume just because someone has a good reputation, dresses nice or is a fringe type of friend that you are safe and can generally let down your guard. There are an infinite amount of dangerous situations as well as Predators to deal with.

It is impossible to see into someone’s mind and soul and understand what he or she is planning or could do to you in a situation. I categorize the Predators in predominant categories. Some may be a combination of more than one, but that is up to a qualified psychologist to unravel.

In my experience and that of law enforcement experts, is that there are several general types of criminals. Below gives a basic breakdown of one of the main types of criminals I will review. 

The Amateur or Wannabee

Typical Crimes: Assault, Aggravated Assault, Armed Robbery, Rape, Murder, Drug Related Crimes

Type: Ego based Animal

Identification: Male, 15-24 years old, 5’7 to 6’0 tall, 160 to 190 lbs – Mixed Race Catagories

Behavior and Movement:
a) Apparent that he is looking for a fight
b) Usually walks with a cocky attitude
c) Elbows pushed away from the torso
d) Verbally Aggressive and rude to people close
e) Eye contact can trigger a confrontation

Tactics:  Primarily uses a Regular or Escalating Interview. Sometime explodes rapidly into a Hot or explosive interview if he is overconfident in the attack
(Interviews to be explained in a future segment)

Positioning: Prefers multiple associates for confidence boost.
Will use: Cornering, Surrounding, Closing and Surprise Positioning

Predator Advantages:  Uses primarily Aggression and Intimidation, a Regular, Escalating or Hot Interview and Comfortable in using others to assist. General Attack Time Frame: mid to later in the evening

Weapon System(s) 3″ Knife, Small Impact weapon, Ice Pick, Small handgun, razor, chain or Fists of Fury

Predator Disadvantages: Easy to Identify approach and ruses. Not polished, but overconfident

Best Defense: Use you situational awareness and create as much evasion distance as possible, stay in open well lit areas, understand basic quick physical strikes, carry a Non Lethal option such as an OC pepper spray, a knife and a small handgun that is concealable and be familiar moving and drawing from concealed carry.

These are other types of Predators to review in the future

*The Professional or Experienced
*Mentally Altered, Drug or Alcohol Induced
*Psychotic or Delusional
*Opportunist or Manipulator

Each type of criminal has different levels of danger, as well as behavior signals and tactics that they use.

Preparation or lack of is only as good as the time you spend realistically preparing.

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